The PedalBXL Bicycle Couriers:

priority to your shipment
and to the environment

Here is your shipment in good hands. And legs.

You entrust your shipment to us and the time starts running.
The parcel will be at its destination within the hour or within 3 hours.
This is our promise to you. In fact, we guarantee it.

Even if the whole town comes to a standstill, our time is running.

Nothing stops us riding our bikes past the traffic jams, past the crowds, past the stationary drivers and past other couriers on four wheels.

Your shipment will be delivered with:

Zero delays On time or your money back
Zero carbon 100% environmentally friendly
Zero noise 100% silent
Zero odor 100% lung capacity

Parcels, documents, cylinder tubes or cardboard, it makes no difference. Our couriers are perfectly equipped to deliver your shipment intact to its destination. Come rain or shine. In all weather.

By relying on the PedalBXL Bicycle Couriers, you give an eco-friendly signal to your customers that you are committed to the city and its green lungs.

A signal of environmental responsibility.